The First Tee golfer participates in national academy

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Recently, Courtney Jingle, a rising Senior at Pinecrest High School, was selected as one of 24 female participants, nationwide, from The First Tee chapter network to participate in the inaugural John Deere Drive Your Future Academy.

It’s a four-day academic, career and leadership development academy held at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, this June. The all-girls event will also focus on remaining active in the game of golf, learning the impact of volunteerism, and recognizing the importance of teamwork.

As part of the application process, Courtney was asked to define a person that aided in driving her to take a position of leadership. And, in honor of Mother’s Day, there’s no better story than that of her relationship with Grandma Dotty.

In Courtney’s own words, here is her essay submission.

“My Grandma Dotty is without a doubt the obvious choice. Twenty two years ago my parents were introduced to Dotty Garmen while my mother was pregnant with my older sister. At the time, Dotty was a midwife who helped my mom through a very difficult labor. With my grandparents 500 miles away, and my parents going through this unique experience, Dotty quickly became an honorary member of our family.

Since then she has been included in all our family events. She has been supportive and encouraging in every aspect of my life. She truly is my grandma in every sense of the word.

Dotty worked at Moore Regional Hospital for 50 years as a Nurse and Assistant Director of the Emergency Department. In addition, she has stayed busy as an active community leader with the Elks Club and volunteering at our local chapter of The First Tee.

My initial interest in golf came from Dotty’s love for the game. For many years she urged me to get involved and as my interest in soccer decreased, I became involved in the sport. I’ll never forget the look on her face when I told her I wanted to play!

Frequently, when Dotty’s visits, we will go out to practice or play a round on the course. From our interactions, I’ve become a frequently requested member of her women’s golf group!

Dotty has been present at all of my high school matches, rain or shine. Knowing there is a big hug waiting for me at the end of the round keeps me focused and makes the challenge of the day worthwhile.

Dotty’s involvement in my life has been special. Her passion for her profession, life and community is a motivation in my life as I look to lay out my personal road map.”

On this and every Mother’s Day, we are so thankful for the grandmas, moms, and female mentors working together to positively impact the lives of young people in our community.

You’re absolutely making a difference. To each of you, Happy Mother’s Day!

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