2018 spring programs schedule

Make sure to review our Spring schedule, click here to download a printable version. For 2018, we will be posting volunteer schedules online to ensure transparency and ability to quickly confirm your assignments. Please note that in addition to our traditional after-school programs we have added fall programs during the school day at Academy of Moore County as well as after school in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills.


To simplify the volunteer process, we have created a Sign Up Genius page for reach of the programs listed in the 2018 Spring Programs Schedule. By selecting volunteer spots with Sign Up Genius, not only can we quickly tell where we have support and need additional support, but Sign Up Genius will send you a friendly reminder about your upcoming commitment. We encourage you to utilize the links below to select where you would like to commit time this fall. As always, if you would like to email us your availability, we will plug your schedule into the online tool. Click Here to Email Us Your Availability. 

Click Links Below to Review Specific Volunteer Schedules + Needs (ABC Order by Facility):

7 Lakes Golf Club (West End – Friday’s)

Academy of Moore County School Day Program (Aberdeen – Monday’s)

Baywood/Gates Four Par Program (Fayetteville – Monday’s)

Baywood Golf Club – PLAYer Program (Fayetteville – Tuesday’s)

Beacon Ridge Golf Club (West End – Monday’s)

Campbell House Field (Southern Pines – Thursday’s)

CC of Whispering Pines (Whispering Pines – Saturday’s)

Gates Four Golf & CC (Fayetteville – Wednesday’s)

Knollwood Fairways (Southern Pines – Thursday’s)

Legacy Golf Course (Aberdeen – Wednesday’s)

Pinewild Country Club (Pinehurst – Wednesday’s)

Pinehurst No. 6 (Pinehurst – Tuesday’s)

Southern Pines Golf Club (Southern Pines – Wednesday’s)

Stryker Golf Club (Ft. Bragg – Thursday’s)


  1. Select/Click on the link of choice (above) to see our Sign-Up spots
  2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you’d like.
  3. Sign up! Registration is easy.



We are required to ensure that Volunteer Background Checks are up to date on a two (2) year cycle. Meaning, if you completed your most recent background check during Fall 2015 or Spring 2016, you are up for renewal. Please be on the look out for an email from us alerting you to complete a new background check for our records. Thank you for supporting this process.

Participant Play Days & Skill Days

This spring we will offer a handful of opportunities for participants to stay active and enjoy the game. As we secure dates, we will update this page and ask coaches to consider signing up to support these stand alone opportunities. Interested in being added to our notification list for Participant Play Days & Skill Days?

Email Matthew Sullivan to join our contact list!